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IGAP, SGAP Breast Reconstruction Surgery 2017-01-02T22:45:59+00:00

Is IGAP/SGAP Breast Reconstruction the Right Option For You?

For patients who don’t have enough abdominal tissue to use to make breasts after mystic to me there are a number of other options. The GAP Flaps used to be the number two option for women who could not use their tummy. However with the advent of the PAP flap more and more women are now choosing to have this option. PA P stands for profounda artery perforator flap. It is tissue taken from the back of the leg just below the buttock crease. The tissue is taken from the area sometimes called the “banana roll”. It is a horizontal he designed the lips of skin and fat harvested from just below the buttock such that the resulting scar is buried nicely with in the infra buttock crease. Like the DI EP, and all perforator flaps, this operation also spares the underlying muscle. Even very thin women are candidates for this operation. There is no damage to the underlying muscle and the resulting scar is very favorable. Thin women who don’t have a lot of body fat typically do not require much tissue to make a new breast. Therefore almost everyone who wants this operation is a candidate for it.

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