About Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy:

breast reconstruction after mastectomy surgery performed by surgeon dr. joshua levineMastectomy is the surgical removal of the entire breast.

There are different types of mastectomy including total, skin-sparing (SSM), nipple-sparing (NSM)and radical. A lumpectomy is also called a partial mastectomy.

A new breast can be created at the time of the mastectomy (“immediate reconstruction”) or at a separate, later surgery (“delayed reconstruction.”)

For patients who choose reconstruction and wish to proceed as soon as possible, the immediate approach is usually possible. By combining the mastectomy and reconstructive operations, immediate reconstruction avoids an extra surgery and recovery period. Some patients find coping with mastectomy somewhat easier if they wake up afterwards with their reconstruction at least underway, if not completed.

Patients that may need radiation therapy after mastectomy can have the delay procedure at the time of the mastectomy to avoid an extra trip to the OR. Learn more about your Breast Reconstruction Timing Options.