Dr. Joshua Levine top natural tissue Breast Reconstruction Surgeon based in New York City.Dr. Joshua Levine is a Board Certified Microsurgeon specializing in Natural Tissue Breast Reconstruction.

Since 2004, Dr. Levine has dedicated his practice exclusively to the highly sophisticated and advanced forms of microsurgical breast reconstruction called perforator flaps.

Dr. Levine is a world leading authority and foremost expert on the many natural tissue breast reconstruction procedures including DIEP, SIEA, SHaEP, PAP, GAP, LAP and TDAP Flap procedures. Dr. Levine has further advanced this field, developing first ever techniques in extension flap and stacked flap procedures. These pioneering techniques now mean that all women can restore the look and feel of their own warm, natural breasts regardless of their body type.

A published authority on microsurgical breast reconstruction, Dr. Levine has developed and refined many of today’s protocols and best practice guidelines for microsurgical breast reconstruction.

In fact, Dr. Levine pioneered one of today’s most important advances in the field of microsurgical breast reconstruction — the use of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to clearly identify the location of blood vessels (perforators) that supply donor tissue to be harvested and used for natural breast reconstruction.

This clinical breakthrough optimizes donor site selection for the surgeon and significantly improves surgical outcomes for all women.  It is his work that now sets today’s gold standard for microsurgical breast reconstruction procedures.

News on Dr. Levine

NYC based Dr. Joshua Levine established the New York Center for the Advancement of Breast ReconstructionDr. Levine was one of the first microsurgeons to perform perforator flap breast reconstruction in New York City.  He established the New York Center for the Advancement of Breast Reconstruction at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai Hospital in 2006. This unique center of excellence was the first of its kind in New York City where he continues to serve as Division Chief.  Subsequently, he developed other dedicated natural tissue breast reconstruction centers throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and trained many of the surgeons offering perforator flap breast reconstruction procedures today. (See all centers)

Dr. Levine’s Background

Breast Surgeon Dr. Joshua Levine specializes in DEIP, TRAM, SIEA, GAP & TUG Flap breast reconstruction procedures

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Joshua Levine received his bachelor’s degree from Tulane University and later received his MD from the Medical College of Georgia.  

He went on to complete residency programs at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine-Montefiore Medical Center in New York. The first in general surgery followed by a second residency in plastic surgery with Dr. Berish Strauch, a founding father of microsurgery.          

Dr. Levine completed a cosmetic surgery fellowship with the pioneer of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Donald Wood-Smith at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary and a microsurgical fellowship with Dr. Robert Allen, the pioneer of perforator flap breast reconstruction.  (See full CV)

Dr. Levine’s Dedication & Expertise

Doctor Joshua Levine's New York City based top breast reconstruction practice

Dr. Joshua Levine balances his surgical expertise with compassion and personal attention.  Because he understands that every patient has unique needs, Dr. Levine listens to his patients and together they create a plan to help them achieve the results they want.

Using advanced surgical techniques; his expertise enables all women to restore their own warm, natural feeling breasts regardless of their body type.

Dr. Levine resides in New York City with his wife and children.  In his spare time, Dr. Levine is an avid hiker, camper and, naturalist having hiked through many national parks in the United States along with his family. In addition to enjoying the beauty and aesthetics of nature, Dr. Levine is also an accomplished musician.  He plays the guitar and enjoys jamming with his children.

  • Dr. Levine volunteers his time with FORCE, a group dedicated to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and Young Survivors Coalition, a group dedicated to young women facing breast cancer.

  • Named among America’s Top Doctors every year since 2011.

  • Dr. Levine is invited to speak at some of the most renowned science and medical meetings worldwide including ASRM, WSRM, Barcelona Breast Meeting, and the annual FORCE meeting.

  • Levine has performed live surgery to teach surgeons new techniques in New York City, Barcelona, Spain, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • Dr. Levine is also an active member of ASPS, ACAPS, New York Metropolitan Cancer, and Group for Advancement of Breast Reconstruction.