Symmetry Through Breast Reconstruction

Achieving Symmetry Through Breast Reconstruction

Attention to detail for the best possible cosmetic result and your satisfaction in the look and feel of your reconstructed breasts are a high priority of Dr. Levine’s.

Achieving a symmetrical appearance is relatively straightforward with natural tissue perforator flap breast reconstruction. This is accomplished by using equal amounts of tissue from the donor site, or where the available tissue is taken, to create breasts of equal size, shape, and position in bilateral breast reconstruction (both breasts are reconstructed at the same time.)

Once healed from this “first stage,” further improvements may be desired that are generally done as outpatient surgery. These additional refinements are often done at the same time as nipple reconstruction if so chosen, during what is referred to as the “second stage” in breast reconstruction in natural tissue breast reconstruction.

Unilateral Breast Reconstruction

For unilateral breast reconstruction, where only one breast is reconstructed, Dr. Levine may offer to adjust the normal breast in order to match the reconstructed breast. If the reconstructed breast is intentionally created as a different size or shape than the normal breast (larger, smaller or lifted), the normal breast can be changed in order to provide symmetry.

Surgery to create breast symmetry may include surgical techniques such as breast reduction, breast lift or mastopexy and fat grafting. In certain cases, available tissue for a TDAP or ICAP can be used to increase volume to achieve a symmetrical appearance when there is significant asymmetry or prior reconstruction has failed or is unsatisfactory.

Surgery to achieve a symmetrical appearance of the breasts is very common and is always covered by insurance when mastectomy is covered.