A Natural Look with No Muscle Compromised


In autologous reconstruction, such as the DIEP, SIEA , GAP and PAP flaps, only the tissue taken from the donor site of the body is needed to make a breast. This tissue consists of skin and fat. NO MUSCLE IS NEEDED TO MAKE A NEW BREAST.

To achieve this; skin, fat, and the essential blood vessels that supply it are taken with sophisticated microsurgical techniques. In this way the underlying muscle is totally preserved. Therefore, the patient does not need to sacrifice a major muscle in her body in order to have a natural, normal looking and feeling breast reconstruction.

Autologous breast reconstruction (perforator flaps) are the “gold standard” in breast reconstruction because not only do they provide a more natural look, but unlike the TRAM your muscle is not compromised.

About Reconstruction Procedures that Sacrifice Muscle

The TRAM and latissimus flaps for breast reconstruction sacrifices a major muscle in the patient’s body in order to re-create the breast. These operations use the muscle, not because it is needed to rebuild a breast, but because it contains the essential blood vessels that supply the skin and fat which is necessary for breast reconstruction. The advent of Autologous breast reconstruction (perforator flaps) for breast reconstruction changed all of that.


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