Poland Syndrome Surgery and other Congenital Breast Disordres

About Poland Syndrome Surgery

Our true, muscle-sparing natural tissue breast reconstruction/augmentation techniques may be used to correct congenital defects of the breast for conditions such as Poland Syndrome, tuberous breasts, under-developed or abnormal breasts. By replacing “like with like,” our procedures use available or extra tissue from another area of the body such as the abdomen and transfer it to the breast to replace the missing or augment the deficient amount. Please note that our natural tissue breast reconstruction/augmentation procedures must be performed after the patient has reached full development in the treatment of congenital breast disorders.

Dr. Levine has experience and has had great success with Poland Syndrome and other congenital breast disorders such as tuberous breasts.

What Is Poland Syndrome?

Poland syndrome is a rare congenital malformation affecting the chest, breast, and sometimes the upper extremity (arm and hand) on one side of the body. It commonly affects the right side and men more than women. Generally, the pectoralis major muscle is absent or underdeveloped and the overlying breast is absent, smaller or misshapen. The nipple may also be absent. Using the body’s own tissue without muscle sacrifice in a perforator flap breast reconstruction such as DIEP, PAP or GAP is a commonly sought solution for the breast impacted by Poland syndrome.

Other Congenital Breast Disorders

Other congenital disorders of the breast such as tuberous breasts can be improved upon with the transfer of natural tissue from an available region of the body to create well-formed, symmetrical breast(s) without sacrifice of muscle.

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