Patient Testimonials

Discover the care and reputation offered by Dr. Levine and the Center for Breast Reconstruction

One of the most impactful choices of your breast reconstruction journey is finding the right surgeon for you. Dr. Levine is one of the top breast reconstruction surgeons in the world, having performed thousands of procedures on women of all body types. He’s not solely an expert surgeon, however. What sets Dr. Levine and his staff apart is the unprecedented care, compassion, and dedication that is there from your first call to our office, through every step of the process before and after the procedure.

I Love, Love, Love the outcome from this surgery.
I hope to share this information with many who go through similar issues with Cancer.
Your talent and care is unmeasurable.
Thank you from deep in my heart, JoAnne Bartle.

Dear Dr. Levine,
I am so grateful for your magical work!
If it had not been for you, I would have never felt normal again.
Thank you for giving my life back to me…
Sincerely, Irina Koroleva

Finding Dr. Levine was my saving grace.
You are a remarkable surgeon!!
Your Assistant, Kim, the hospital staff and especially you, I thank you all for the compassion and kindness during this journey.
Sincerely, Kathy Rolland

I’m sending you the photo Noel took of you all as I was prepared for surgery that morning.
I now have a constant reminder of that day and the team who saved my life!
Agnes Paez Estrada

You have dedicated your career to helping women with breast cancer, or the threat of breast cancer, have the opportunity for natural breast reconstruction.
I am so thankful to be able to place my trust and confidence in someone so technically expert and so personally passionate has been so meaningful to me.
I feel so fortunate to have you as the “Captain” of my team! Not only are you a gifted surgeon but you are an Angel.
Thank you! Robyn McGuinness

Dear Kimberly,
Thank you so much for all you have done for me! Not only are you making the insurance process so much easier, but you take the time to answer questions and provide support – I am so thankful!!!
You’re the best. Robyn McGuinness

Dear Sandra,
I want to thank you for everything you do! You helped schedule appointments get my questions answered, and many other items that help patients along the way.
I really appreciate all you do!! Robyn McGuinness

Dr. Levine has now relocated to New York and operated on Carri last Tuesday. It was his fourth breast reconstruction in his new location and the first ever for a Polande Syndrome patient.
I couldn’t be happier to report the surgery was extremely successful.
Carri is beaming. For the first time in 41 years, her chest appears normal.
We will be staying at the Miracle House during Carrie’s recovery. This is a great place. Our stay was paid for by Dr. Levine.
When I saw my family physician, Dr. Hector Ruiz he as very impressed with your work and the outcome of my recovery. Dr. Ruis only re-affirmed the confidence that I already felt with you and your team of professionals.
Thank you Dr. Levine for your knowledge and talents.
I hope that should the occasion arise, I may help others that may be fighting the same battles.
Sincerely, Brenda Berwick

I wanted you to know how grateful I am for the use of your lab coat to cry on that one day in my hospital room.
As much as I appreciate professionalism in my doctors, I value you more human nature’s willingness to be compassionate and understanding.
Thank you for your arms of kindness and car that day. The days before me seem so much brighter than they have in the past years.
Belssings! Jeannine