Unsatisfactory Reconstruction & Implant Failure CorrectionDISSATISFIED WITH PRIOR BREAST RECONSTRUCTION

Unsatisfactory reconstruction involves patients with residual asymmetries, contour abnormalities and defects that were not completely corrected with prior breast reconstruction surgery. Furthermore, it includes unsightly, uncomfortable, painful implants or outright breast implant failure. Sometimes, the implants have to be removed while patients are healing from infection or simply seeking a suitable option for replacement.

Oftentimes, the surgery Dr. Levine performs is to correct an unsatisfactory reconstruction. Whether the patient has experienced breast implant failure or is unhappy with the size, or shape of her reconstructed breasts, natural tissue perforator flap breast reconstruction is an excellent option for correction. Surgery to achieve better symmetry can be performed on the reconstructed breast(s) or natural breast as well.


Many women opt for breast implants because it is a quick and fairly easy operation. However, implants are known to cause significant problems. For instance, they can cause capsular contracture, pain, ruptures, deflations, shifting and infection. Although these complications can be devastating, perforator flap breast reconstruction is the best remedy. Using your own body tissue without muscle offers a permanent solution to implant failure — the reconstructed breasts behave, look and feel more like a natural breast.


In addition to implant breast reconstruction failure, women who have experienced prior natural tissue breast reconstruction failure, i.e. TRAM, can look to perforator flap breast reconstruction using a different area of the body with extra fat (donor site) such as the thigh or buttock or lateral chest. With so many donor sites to consider, perforator flap breast reconstruction offers hope in a variety of options for those who have experienced prior failure.

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