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Do you have questions about breast reconstruction surgery? If you’re making decisions about reconstruction, you may be seeking answers and guidance. Breast surgeon, Dr. Joshua Levine, a pioneer in the field of perforator flaps, answers common questions about breast reconstruction. You can also call our office at The Center for Reconstruction located in New York, New York with questions, and schedule a private, in-person consultation.


When considering breast reconstruction, it is critical to know if such reconstructive procedures increase the risk of new cancer or reoccurrence. The answer is a resounding “No”.

There is no difference in the recurrence rate of breast cancer in patients who have had implant reconstruction, autologous reconstruction, or no reconstruction. This has been studied extensively and is well accepted in the scientific medical community.

What is important to know is that different types of breast reconstruction do, however, require different types of patient follow up. Any cancer patient needs follow up to monitor for the possibility of reoccurrence. This should be done on a regular basis by the breast surgeon, oncologist, and the reconstructive plastic surgeon.

Knowing the scientific medical community has extensively studied breast reconstruction with regard to increased risk for breast cancer allows patients to consider their reconstructive options with some comfort.

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