The DIEP flap breast reconstruction operation has many benefits over the TRAM.  Both operations use the patients’ own body tissue to make a new breast after mastectomy. 

The Disadvantages of TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction:

However, the TRAM flap, by definition, DESTROYS important abdominal muscles.  The muscles that the TRAM flap operation destroys are the rectus absominus muscles.  These are the “six pack” abdomen muscles of the mid and lower abdomen.  After the TRAM flap breast reconstruction, patients require permanent mesh to repair the abdominal wall defect, and they have prolonged post-operative pain and recovery.  They may never regain preoperative levels of strength, and may develop abdominal bulge or hernia.

The Benefits of DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction:

The DIEP flap breast reconstruction operation, on the other hand, PRESERVES the abdominal musculature.  Only skin and fat are used to make a new breast.  This tissue is soft and supple, just like a normal breast.  Since no muscle is sacrificed to do the DIEP flap breast reconstruction, patients recovery is much quicker and easier.  There is no need for synthetic mesh, and very low risk of bulge or hernia.

The DIEP flap breast reconstruction is a highly sophisticated microsurgical operation.  It has been done reliably and efficiently by surgeons who specialize in it for over 10 years.


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