These photos show results following DIEP flap breast reconstruction.

Keep The Natural Look and Feel of Your Breasts

Women report and after DIEP Flap breast reconstruction their reconstructed breasts are not thought of as reconstructions. Rather they feel like normal breasts to the extent that at some point women think of them as actual breasts.

Regaining Sensation after Diep Flap Breast Reconstruction

Nerves grow into this normal, natural tissue, and many women report that they regain sensation. These breast reconstructions feel and behave and look like natural normal breasts so that women can feel like themselves again and not have to dwell on the unpleasantness of cancer and treatment.

Our patients have told us that our care and service has been invaluable to them throughout their breast reconstruction experience. Anything related to your breast reconstruction needs will be happily taken care of by our friendly and compassionate staff.

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