Joshua-Levine-MD-Breast-Reconstruction-Surgeon_1This article explains in very simple terms the advantages of immediate breast reconstruction. 

Immediate reconstruction refers to any breast reconstruction that is done at the same time as the mastectomy. 

The advantage of immediate breast reconstruction is that the patient will undergo both major operations at the same time, and get them over with. 

There is only one major recovery, and most subsequent surgeries will be minor.  

Another advantage is that there is plenty of skin left over from the mastectomy at the time of surgery to re-create the envelope of the breast. This can have significant cosmetic benefits.

For patients with cancer and high risk for cancer who will be having a mastectomy, immediate breast reconstruction is a standard of care.

Immediate breast reconstruction requires two teams: the mastectomy team and the reconstructive team. We work with the best mastectomy surgeons in the tri-state area. Please call our office to arrange a consultation.