Breast-Reconstruction-Options_pageDIEP Flap Breast reconstruction is the gold standard in breast reconstruction. In 6 simple points this article explains the benefits of Diep Flap Breast reconstruction. 

  1. DIEP Flap breast reconstruction is the gold standard for breast reconstruction.
  2. DIEP  flap breast reconstruction is 100% natural in that it uses the patient’s own body tissue
  3. DIEP flap breast reconstruction uses only skin and fat, WITHOUT any sacrifice of underlying muscle.
  4. Anyone who is a candidate for breast reconstruction is also a candidate for using her own body tissue.
  5. Using your own body tissue requires a donor site. Most commonly this is the abdomen, but anywhere that extra skin and fat can be found can be used as a donor site.
  6. The DIEP flap breast reconstruction differs from the TRAM and latissimus in that those operations require the sacrifice have a major muscle.

Many women are incorrectly told that they are not suitable candidates for DIEP flap breast reconstruction. We often find that this is not the case.  Please contact our office for more information or to set up a phone, video, or in-person consultation.